ICCAN Lights Up Chicago

Chicago cropped

The City of Chicago has established the largest Municipal Aggregation in the United States with over 760,000 residential and small commercial electricity accounts.  ICCAN is proud to have assisted the City in moving from its referendum to program implementation in six weeks time.

In addition to its size and speed of implementation, the City’s aggregation program is notable based on its unique innovations including:

  • Clean Supply Requirements.  The City receives the cleanest electricity supply in the region by requiring its supplier to source its electricity supply from non-coal fueled power plants including 5% wind power (not simply Renewable Energy Credits).
  • Supplier Requirements.  The City requires its supplier to meet firm Minority and Women-Owned Business participation requirements, and to maintain minimum corporate credit and customer satisfaction standards.
  • Consumer Protection Requirements.  The City program includes a cost savings guarantee, minimum customer service responsiveness metrics, no fees to enter or exit the program, and Associate Member option that delivers program benefits to small commercial customers that are too large to be automatically enrolled in the program.

In the first nine months of the program, consumer savings have exceeded $26 million.